CBD-Croatia - Increased dissemination and usage of industrial hemp

Products developed from hemp


Hemp has been used for different products, including as building materials, paper, food supplements, medical, drug, textiles etc. for thousands of years.


Although hemp is related to marijuana, hemp seed contains no THC (tetra-hydro-cannabinol), the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana.

Therefore, several countries have also approved hemp in industrial form, and more is in the process of approval for, cultivation and production of hemp products.

Humans has cultivated hemp plants with various desired properties, and following modern subdivisions is used today:

Industrial hemp "Cannabis industrialis":
THC <0.2% (low drug content and useless recreationally).

Medical hemp:
THC> 1% - up to 23% (usage and medical usage).

It has grown hemp plants with various desired properties, and following modern subdivisions used today.

Hemp to textile

Hemp belong to the oldest form of textile fibers used by humans and was until the usage of cotton took over udner the industiral revolution, together with lined the most important textile.

One of the reason cotton became the dominant textile, is credited to the reason that the strong linen fibers and hemp fibers was harder to spin and loom than cotton fibers.

After the industiral revolution the interrest for industrieal hemp therefor been minimal.

Until the industrial revolution and before the first world war. Russia and the area where Croatia lies today, where the world's largest manufacturers of hemp. That was usually used for animal food, fuel, building material and textiles.

Hemp as an industirual commodity

Only in the larst twenty years, the interrest for hemp as an industirel commodity been riseing. Even though many countries still belive that hemp is the same as marihuana.


100% of Hemp can be utilized

100% of Hemp can be utilized, and is used or cna be used in many types of products.

Some believe that hemp could act as a healthier and more environmentally friendly substitute for more than 25,000 to 50,000 different existing products and ingredients.

Some of todays usage of hemp is:

  • Rope
  • Clothes
  • Clothing
  • Hemp candles
  • Building Materials
  • Paper Products
  • Animal Fodder
  • Biodegradable plastic
  • Supplements
  • Bio-fuel
  • In electronics
  • Nutritional products
  • Etc.

The fibers
The fibers can be used in 100% hemp products, but is commonly mixed with other organic fibers such as linen, cotton or silk, for clothing and furniture, usually by a 55% / 45% hemp / cotton blend.

The inner fibers
The inner fibers are woody and therefore used more often in other industrial products, such as; mulch, animal bedding, as a substitute for example. foam and flamingo.

The oil
The oil from the fruits ("seeds") is oxidized / dried, and thus become firm, and can be easily transported or processed.

They may then be used to prepare the oil-based paints, in creams as a moisturizing agent in plastic materials, in biofuel, food supplements and cooking etc.

Hemp seeds
Hemp seeds are used, eg., bird food and a study in 2003 showed that over 95% of the hemp seed, which at that time were sold in the EU were used in animal and bird feed.


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