CBD-Croatia - Increased dissemination and usage of industrial hemp



Eatable oiles

Ca. 44% of the weight of the hemp seed is eatable oiles that contains:

Ca. 80% (EFA)
Linoleic acid
Omega-6 (LA, 55%)
Omega-3 (ALA, 22%)
Omega-6 (GLA, 1-4%)
Stearidonic acid
Omega-3 (SDA, 0-2%)


Proteins (includeing edestin) is the other big component (33%).

The amino acid profile of hempseed is comparable to that of other proteien sources liek meat, milk, eggs and soya.

The Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score (PDCAAS), that meassures, in what degree food for humans is “fully protein” was;

0,49-0,53 whole hemp seeds.
0,46-0,51 hemp seed dinner.
0,63-0,66 husked hempseeds.

Hemp proteins has a (PDCAAS) compared to or higher than other sorts of cores, nuts and certain legumes. soy protein, in comparison, has a soy (PDCAAS) value of 1.0.


Even though hemp is a cusin of marihunna, the hemp seed contains no THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which is the psykoaktive part pf marihuanna.

Hemp seeds

Hempseeds can be eaten raw, grinded to food, it can be eaten flwoering, converted to hemp milk (A similiar product to soy milk.), tea, and bakeing.

The fresh hemp leaves

The fresh leaves can be mixed into salats. The products includes, corn, frozen waffels, hemp milk icecream, hemp tofu, and nut butters.


Individual companies produces value added hempseed products, incldueing oiles, whole hemp corns (Sterialised by law in the USA, where they import them from China and Canada).

Husked Hempseeds

Hysked seeds is whoel seed without the mineral rich outer shell, and is sued for hemp flower, hemp cake, a bi rodukt from pressign the hemp oile, and hemp protein powder.